Your aspiration is my passion...

Many  people  will  inspire  you  throughout  your  learning  experience,  and  that’s exactly  how  it  should  be.

I’d  be  honoured  to  join  you  on  your path, and walk some  of  the  way  with you!  

Live Skype Sessions & Email Correspondence


I  have  lots  of  experience  reading  Tarot  and  Lenormand  professionally,  so  I’d  love  to  share  what  I’ve  learned  with  you!  

 These  training  sessions  are  excellent  value  for  money  and  time!  Here’s  why...

🌸  we  can  begin  with  a  no  obligation  free  consultation!

🌸  tailored  sessions  means  you  get  to  focus  on  the  topics  you  want  to  learn  - there  are no  mandatory  modules,  and  you  won’t  waste  time  covering something  you  already  know!

🌸  learning  structured  your  way,  without  deadlines  or  a  lengthy,  expensive  commitment!  

🌸  manage  and  choose  your  Skype  time  -  you  have  the  option  of  one  long  session  of  1.5  hours,  two  45  minute  sessions,  or  three  30  minute  sessions... 

🌸  ...or  if  you  want  to  brush  up  on  just  one  specific  topic,  you  can  try  the  mini  session  of  45  minutes!  

🌸  your individual  learning  plan  includes  written  notes  and  fun,  engaging  exercises to  help  solidify your  knowledge  -  presented  in handy  PDF  format

🌸  and  there’s  ongoing  email  correspondence  until  you’ve  confidently  reached  your  goals!


What happens in the free consultation?

Before  you  commit   it’s  helpful  for  you  to  meet  me  and  get  a  feel  for  whether  I’m  the right  trainer  for  you,  just  as  it’s  helpful  for  me  to  have  an  opportunity  to  ask  you  where  you  are  with  your  learning,  and  how  I  can  help  you go  further.

How does it all work?

That’s  totally up  to  you!  Let’s  say say  you  want  some  help  with  reading  court  cards  and  making  predictions.  We  could  divide  your  time  into  two  45  minute  sessions  for  each  topic.

Supporting you after your live sessions

I’m  committed  to  your  success  as  a  confident  card  reader!  That’s  why  we’ll  stay  in  regular  email  contact  until  you’re  confidently  applying  the material  we’ve  covered!  

If you have any further questions about training

please  feel  free  to  contact  me  by  email  at