April 2020

Which  card  and  crystal  combination  speaks  to  you? 

 Relax,  and let  your  intuition  guide  the  process. Your  eye  might  be  drawn in  one  direction instantly,  or  you  might  prefer  to  take  a  moment  or  two  to  gaze  at  the  image  until  a  strong  attraction  draws  you  in.

You  might  even  be  drawn  to  more  than  one  card,  in  which  case  the  Tarot  has  a  lot  to  say  to  you  this  month!  Trust  yourself  and  let  your  intuition  guide you  towards the  most  helpful  message.  Scroll  down  and  enjoy!

This  is  Sawyer’s  Path  Tarot  by  Jamie  Sawyer   


Were you drawn to the

Were you drawn to the

Were you drawn to the

Clear Quartz?


Were you drawn to the

Were you drawn to the

Were you drawn to the

Aragonite, Citrine and Sunstone?


Were you drawn to the

Were you drawn to the

Were you drawn to the

Rose Quartz, Sodalite and Azurite?


King of Cups

Clear Quartz promotes healing on all levels, brings clarity, and connects you to higher wisdom, amplifying your spiritual energy and protection

If you’re drawn to the King of Cups this month, you’re reflecting on your past relationships, and you’re feeling empowered and in control as it dawns on you just how far you’ve come, and how much you’ve evolved emotionally. 

You could be feeling a lot of empathy right now for all the suffering and panic that has gripped the world, doing your best to maintain your inner peace and project it outwards so you can be a source of support for the people around you. Maybe you were drawn to this card because it’s someone else who is bringing this energy into your life. This calm, quiet, soft-spoken man (or woman) gives off an air of serenity, yet there’s intensity simmering away beneath their cool exterior! This person usually wants to help and actively improve situations, especially relationships, by listening and offering counsel if needed. If someone reappears in your life and is ready to talk, listen, and bury the hatchet, you can take this at face value because it’s genuine. 

At work, you’re on the ball, yet your a little distracted by ideas and creative inspiration. You might have a vision that needs a lot of careful planning to become a reality, but at the moment the idea of sharing and inviting others on board to help might seem daunting, so it’s fine to keep this one under your hat until you’re ready to release it. Your working life might have become quieter than usual, giving you time to reflect and regroup, and those you do interact with, (even if it’s from a distance) still get the very best of you - friendly, personable, only too happy to help, and never without a useful tip or some carefully chosen words of encouragement!

In love, emotions run deep, and they may be intensifying. Ensuring there’s an open channel of honest emotional communication will make you both feel secure, and prevent any misunderstandings. This King can be receptive and loving, affectionate and attentive, yet also mysterious and enigmatic, and does need and appreciate frequent alone time. Finding this balance in your relationship could mean many happy years together, but pushing the King for attention when he’s drained or just wants to be alone could result in a frosty reception!

If you’re single, your attention could be drifting to the past, and to an ex partner, lover or crush. This could be a sign of needing to reflect on those past emotions rather, than a sign that you need to act on them, or that this person will return. The trick is to be present and self-aware, and try to ascertain the symbolism of why your psyche is reproducing these feelings, and what they might represent for you today.

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Ace of Wands

Aragonite promotes self-belief and optimism 

Citrine promotes motivation and self-expression

Sunstone promotes clarity and dispels fear

 If you’re drawn to the Ace of Wands this month, you’re excited about a fresh start, and you’re feeling inspired and energised to act on your ideas and creative vision. This Ace can represent attraction in its many forms - a personal urge to embark on a new adventure, or intense physical attraction towards someone else. This Ace is passionate and raring to go, so however it’s manifesting in your life exciting changes are on the horizon and you’re in the driver’s seat, initiating these developments with confidence and high expectations for success! New things are taking shape, and it feels like the seeds are being planted for something amazing to flourish - provided you can get all the practical elements in place, this could be the start of something wonderful!

At work, a new project or the prospect of making progress has you all fired-up and hungry for a challenge! You feel confident that you’ve got the skills and expertise to come through, but it’s also your spiritual energy that is driving you forwards, too, regardless of the practical implications - you feel ready, you’ve got the energy, enthusiasm and confidence to initiate action, the timing feels perfect, so in your heart and mind you’ve got nothing to lose! It’s this unwavering optimism and your bold, assertive approach that could actually see you come through, and secure a tangle opportunity for the future - you can figure out the details later, all you need at this stage is the green light, the thumbs-up, and it looks as if you’re going to get it! 

In love, there’s attraction, passion and potent sexual energy within this Ace - and you don’t need to look far to see it! Whether you’re single or in a relationship, your love life could be hotting up this month. It’s easy to get caught up in a moment of passion, a spontaneous connection that sparks and is super intense and totally unexpected, and in these moments you honestly don’t always have the time (logic or willingness!) to examine all the other elements at play to ascertain if what you’re experiencing is sustainable, or if it’s a fleeting moment that burns out as quickly as it ignited. In romantic, passionate situations sometimes this Ace is best enjoyed in the moment for what it is, as it doesn’t always mean the start of something long-term, so be honest with yourself about what this could mean for your own personal experience.

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Queen of Wands

Rose Quartz promotes love,  friendship and empathy

Sodalite promotes clarity, truth and boosts self-esteem 

Azurite enhances intuition and psychic ability, promoting foresight 


If you were drawn to the Queen of Wands this month you (or someone around you) is content to be in the spotlight. This Queen is confident, bold and assertive, (like the Ace of Wands), as well as creative, inventive and sociable. This is someone who’s able to rally support and backing for whatever she believes in and wants to promote. You could be well underway with a project or plan, and see it taking shape this month, especially with help from others - as long as they understand this is your ‘baby’, and you’re making the decisions! You could be experimenting with a new look that is well received and generates plenty of compliments, boosting your self-esteem. A can-do attitude underpins this Queen’s ability to turn most any situation to her advantage, through her effortless charm and her expansive way of thinking.

At work, you could be flying high, making amazing progress and seeing your plans fall seamlessly into place. You’ve garnered support and plenty of encouragement, and you feel like there’s a clear route to success, and to completing the goals you set out achieve. On the other hand, if you’re experiencing this Queen’s energy through someone else, you might feel like you’re being dominated, and like this woman is stepping on your toes and raining on your parade. Her attitude might seem brash, loud and pushy, and maybe you’re not on board with her style of getting things done, preferring a more subtle, low-key approach that is just as effective, but not so ‘in-yer-face’. If you can see past your personal feelings this woman could prove herself an ally - she can’t easily hide her feelings so whether friend or foe, you’ll know which side of the fence you’re on. 

In love, this magnetic vixen is all about fun, fun, fun! You could be dating and enjoying the attention you’re getting, so you don’t need to rush to settle down if you’re having a good time - there are no rules to this, and if you’re quite happy doing your own thing then do you, boo. If you’re in a relationship it may not be too serious, you could still be in the dating or early honeymoon stages, but if you believe you’re in something committed that is going to be long-term it’s advisable to ensure your partner is definitely on the same page, and that you’re genuinely working towards something real because this Queen typically isn’t in it for the long haul!

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