Hi! I’m so happy you found me!

I’m the Same Day Psychic Lady... 

and I love helping  people out with Tarot and Lenormand card readings!

In fact, some would say I’m obsessed with divination! Exploring ways to unlock the past and reveal the future has become my life’s passion. 

From seagulls warning of danger on the roads to seeing an affair in the flames of a fire, I know psychic messages are truly all around us.

 Keep an eye on the blog for  my psychic story times, plus more about my collection of cards, curios and fortune telling teacups!  

I  live in England with my beautiful family, which includes a black cat  named Maud  (who, I can confirm, has a green and silver  aura).



So, how did Same Day Psychic Lady begin?

Let’s rewind to 2016. Life got real, pretty much overnight. I found myself at a crossroads like no other. 

And what should one do in times of great uncertainty?  


Well, open up a psychic shop. What else?

Same Day Psychic Lady went live on Etsy in October 2016, and honestly, I didn’t really know what to expect. By this time I’d done a lot of endorsed free reading online, worked a psychic hotline or two, and once upon a dream I tried (and failed!) to sell Tarot readings on Etsy, under a different shop name. 

But something was different this time. 

To my amazement, I made my first sale in less than 24 hours of my shop going live  -  without using any social media whatsoever, (as I didn’t  have any!).

I continued making steady sales. Every day new clients came, and many returned. 

People reached out to tell me how helpful the messages were. What an amazingly humbling feeling to be able to help, advise and empower people, and offer an alternative perspective when making important, life-changing decisions.   

You can read some of their testimonials, in their own words.

Three years of hard work and commitment later, my shop has made over 5000 sales to date. No doubt about it, Etsy has served me well.

I’ve connected with some amazing people, and seen their incredible stories and achievements unfold in my cards. 

Now I feel like the next organic step is to reach beyond Etsy, connect with even more people, and do my bit to inspire the next wave of professional readers taking advantage of the digital evolution!

As well as offering the same reliable service, I’m reaching out to spiritual entrepreneurs everywhere. 

I offer you my stories and experiences, advice and guidance -also available in my blog! -  as well as private, totally individual training  sessions for  aspiring readers!

I hope that sharing some insight will empower and reassure those who are just getting started in the profession, and those who need a boost if times are tough. I’m here to support you, too!

Thank you for taking the time read a  little  bit about  me,  and  some things I have to share!  


Are we a match?

Before we consult the cards  about anything, it’s important you know a little about the services I offer. Please take a few  moments to read my FAQ  &  Info section to be sure I’m the right reader for you!